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For years I ran my web design business successfully on my own, but I always felt overwhelmed with all of the admin tasks that come along with being an entrepreneur. I drafted and printed up countless of checklists and weekly to do lists, bought dozens of different planners, and ultimately put a cute chalkboard up on my wall. Eventually I came to the realization that these things weren’t going to help me because I needed something that was going to save me time (and getting lost in designing fun organizational templates for hours wasn’t the solution).

I did some digging, chatted to fellow creativepreneurs, and ultimately signed up for a trial of a variety of client management softwares, including Tave, Dubsado, and 17 Hats…but there was only one that I loved, purchased, and have been using for years: Honeybook.


What is Honeybook?

Honeybook is a client management software. It helps save hours of time each week with workflows and automations, and it allows you to manage everything from the first inquiry to the follow up after completion. Let’s take a peek at some of the key features that make this app the one must-have tool every creative needs for their sanity!

The Features


Honeybook allows you to create a custom contact form that you can embed on your website, and it also integrates with Facebook Lead Ads. Leads are automatically uploaded into your project “pipeline,” saving you lots of time. You can set up an automation for inquiries that sends a media kit or brochure with details and pricing, a follow up to schedule a consultation, or an invoice for booking.

Honeybook also includes Lead Reports so you can review stats on marketing efforts and learn where to spend more time/money finding qualified potential clients. See where most of your leads come from, which lead sources have the highest booking rate, and more.


One of my favorite features of Honeybook is the ability to send a proposal – and invoice and contract in one. After I have a consultation with a client who’s ready to book, I can create a proposal in about 2 minutes – compare that to the old way of uploading and sending a contract on one platform, an invoice on another, and an email on another…a process that used to take me 30+ minutes can now be completed (and tracked!) in just a couple of minutes.


A client management software wouldn’t be any good without a client portal! Honeybook allows you to create your own client portal link, which you can send to all of your clients to create an account for. Clients are able to access the portal to view all communication, files, questionnaires – anything and everything related to the project. It’s an easy way to keep things organized, avoid missed emails, and makes you look even more professional. (And clients love it!)


I saved the best for last – workflows. Even if Honeybook didn’t have any features other than workflows, I’d still purchase it every year because this feature alone has saved me SO much time. Although you need to spend a chunk of time getting everything set up (but there is an option for the Honeybook team to do this for you for free), the amount of time I save every week has allowed me to spend more time and devote more attention to my company. Workflows are a lifesaver and Honeybook makes them so easy to use.

Why I Recommend Honeybook

Since signing up for Honeybook, my annual income has surged. By not having to retype repetitive emails for every inquiry and client, setting up automations, sending proposals in two minutes and so much more, I’ve earned more than ever before simply because I now have that extra time to nurture my own business.

There are a variety of client management softwares out there, but Honeybook is in my opinion the most intuitive and easy to use. All of my clients have loved it, the Honeybook team responds quickly and is always helpful whenever I have a question, the mobile app is great, and I could go on…if you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, need to elevate your business, want to devote more time to your business, or make more money, click the button below.




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