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If you’re feeling stuck, disheartened, or overwhelmed when it comes to marketing and growing your business, I have one word for you: newsletter. Let’s be honest – anyone who runs their own business has struggled plenty of times. After all, almost every single business has busy times and slow times. But regardless of how busy or slow business may be, you must always market your services or products. Email marketing is often claimed to have the highest return on investment of all marketing strategies. Whether or not that’s exactly true, newsletters are incredibly effective and are an absolute must. With that being said, let’s discuss strategies and tips to quickly grow your newsletter.

First and foremost, you obviously need an email marketing provider if you don’t have one already. I’ve tried quite a few over the past decade, including Mailchimp and ConvertKit, but I ultimately ended up loving and using Flodesk. Why? I got sick of spending over $100/month with ConvertKit and watching my monthly cost go up and up and up as my list grew. Why did I have to feel like I was being punished for being successful?

I then landed upon Flodesk, where I can pay $38/month for an unlimited number of subscribers (yes, really) and have access to all of their advanced features. Even better? You can get the same perks for just $19/month…for life. This is by far one of the best business decisions I’ve made.


Now, let’s get to that list of tips to grow your list quickly, shall we?

1. Make it easy to sign up.

This one may seem like a “duh!” – but the easier you make it for subscribers to sign up, the more subscribers you’ll get. Include a sign up form on your homepage and try taking away the name field. Statistics show by eliminating the name field, you’ll gain more subscribers quicker (crazy, right?!).

Try adding your form in your footer, a button in your header, a sidebar button, or even a pop up. A quick note on pop-ups, though…don’t have them appear right away. If someone’s greeted by an obnoxious pop up within two seconds of visiting your site, they’re likely going to get frustrated and move on.

2. Blog consistently and use content upgrades.

Blogging is very effective for getting more eyes on your website/business. Content is king after all. But what are you doing to convert all of those readers into customers? By capturing their email address, you will then have a way of keeping in touch and potentially gaining a customer you may have missed out on.

Content upgrades are little goodies you offer on each post in exchange for an email address. These are freebies that are relevant to your blog post that offer either something useful or more in-depth information related to that post. For example, each month I write a post with some of my favorite fonts, and my content upgrade is a font pairing guide to help you make your brand and/or website more aesthetically appealing. If you write consistently and your content upgrades are desirable and relevant (the more irresistible, the better!), you should start to see your list of subscribers booming with growth. Just be sure to include a high-quality content upgrade with each post.

3. Offer freebies.

This one’s similar to the idea of content upgrades we just discussed. Offer freebies that your target audience would find useful (and hopefully irresistible), and ask for an email address in exchange. This strategy is useful for those who don’t have a blog, or if you want to offer a free download, coupon, or other goodie.

4. Run a viral giveaway.

You’re probably starting to see a trend here – we’re discussing free content once again. It’s true…freebies are the heart of quickly growing your email list. A giveaway, though, is an opportunity to offer an actual product or service for free, as opposed to a download or coupon on your website.

Decide on the prize and giveaway terms (length, entry steps, number of winners, etc.). Then, set up a giveaway page with an entry form that requires an email address to sign up. Even consider asking participants to share the giveaway on their social media accounts as a bonus entry to quickly spread the word about your offer.

5. Guest post often.

The more often you can get featured and published on other sites, the quicker your traffic and email list will grow. However, the key here is to place an emphasis on quality and value. Take some time to research and write out possible blogs or websites you would like to be featured on. If you’re a wedding planner, getting published on a fishing blog probably won’t do you any good…while a feature on a lifestyle blog could do wonders for your business.

It’s important to take the time to write high-quality content for blogs and websites relevant to your niche. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time guest posting and seeing little results (or a lot of low-quality results, aka subscribers who aren’t your ideal customer).

Once you start to get more eyes on your website from your guest posts, your list will begin to grow using the tactics and strategies listed above.

6. Create an Instagram landing page.

Instagram landing pages are all the rage right now – it’s not only a way to track traffic from your Instagram account, but it’s also a great opportunity to interact in a fun way with potential customers. Offer a personalized or Instagram-related freebie in exchange for a sign up. Or, include a “popular posts” round up to drive users to some of your top content (where they’ll find those irresistible content upgrades). These pages are pretty effective when it comes to building a relationship right off the bat, which is why I include this as a super affordable add-on for all of my website templates (wink, wink).

PS – this is a great idea for any social media platform you use, not just the ‘gram.

Play around with the above strategies for 30 days and see which are the most effective for you. Once you have a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t, spend more time on the strategies that showed the best results and watch your list grow at lightning speed!




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