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How to Upload Fonts to Showit

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March 2, 2022

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Fonts are an incredibly important aspect of a well-designed website, so you may be wondering how to upload fonts to Showit. For starters, I want to mention that Showit includes access to all free Google Fonts in your design settings. But if you’re really wanting to personalize and customize your website, custom fonts are a great solution.

how to upload fonts to showit

How to Upload Fonts to Showit

Note: You’ll need a .woff file type to upload a custom font to Showit. Some custom fonts include this with your purchase/download, while others do not. If you only have a .ttf or .otf file type, below you’ll find instructions on how to convert either of those file types to a .woff file.

  1. Decide which custom font you want to add to your website and make sure you have a .woff file type for that font. 
  2. Open your Media Library, upload your font’s .woff file (drag and drop or click ‘Upload Files’), and close the Media Library once the font file is uploaded.
  3. Open your Design Settings and click the Fonts tab. 
  4. Under ‘Custom Fonts,’ click the drop-down next to Library WOFF, select the font you just uploaded, type the font name below, then click ‘Add Custom Font.’ 
  5. Click Save.

Using Your Custom Font in Showit

Your custom font can now be used on your Showit website. If you’d like to assign your new custom font as a heading, subheading, or paragraph style, you can do that under Design Settings. Click on the ‘Site Style’ tab in the Design Settings, then expand the type style you’d like to assign your custom font to and edit as needed. Learn more about assigning type settings in Showit’s learning center.

Converting Font Files to .woff

If you only have a .ttf or .otf file type for your font, no need to worry. You can use Font Squirrel’s free webfont generator to convert your font files.

  1. Visit Font Squirrel’s free webfont generator page.
  2. Click ‘Upload Fonts’ and select the .ttf or .otf file for the font you want to add to your Showit website.
  3. Leave ‘optimal’ selected, check the Agreement box, then click ‘Download your kit.’
  4. Open the downloaded zip file, you’ll find your .woff file.

A Few Tips

When searching for a custom font for your website, make sure it matches the other fonts you’re using. Also make sure the font is easy to read; this is especially important if you’re choosing a script or handwriting font. A lot of those fonts can be difficult to read and should only be used for small accents throughout your website.

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Share any questions you have in the comments below. And if you run into any issues, the Showit support team is phenomenal!

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